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Defining Gravity - Abby/Raven (The 100) - Part 2: Chapter 7 (of 7)

Title: Defining Gravity
Fandom: The 100
Pairing: Abby/Raven
Spoilers: Up until the end of Season 2
Rating: M
Disclaimer: The bits from the show are not mine. The *feelings* and extra bits are...

Previous chapters: 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

Chapter Seven - Freefall

Abby entered Medical, heading over to the side of Clarke's bed and putting her fingers to her daughter's wrist to check her pulse, "How you feeling honey?" she asked.

Clarke surveyed her mother curiously as Abby avoided her gaze, "What happened?," she asked before adding, "Something is different."

Abby felt like a school girl as she felt her cheeks redden at the suggestion.

"Well now I know something is up," Clarke announced as she tried to sit further up in bed.

Abby looked back up at her daughter, her face composed even as her eyes danced with it.
Clarke raised her eyebrows, unconvinced.

"You spoken to Raven?" Clarke asked, feigning casual inquiry.

Abby saw the trap but felt her cheeks redden anyway as she flickered from Clarke's gaze for a moment before composing her face once more.

"HA!," Clarke affirmed, wincing as her exuberance pulled at her wound.

"Careful!" Abby chided, before pulling up Clarke's shirt to check her wound. The stitches were holding.

She replaced Clarke's shirt and cleared her throat as she looked up again.

"Admit it," Clarke pushed, pausing for a moment before adding, "I had to listen to her mooning over you for months, least you could do is tell me you two are okay."

A smile spread across Abby's face unbidden at the thought of Raven 'mooing over' her but she pulled her eyes away from her daughter's, still not wanting to acknowledge this thing that was still so new and fragile. She nodded slowly, "We're okay," she acknowledged, raising her eyes and seeing only acceptance in Clarke's gaze.

"Good," Clarke replied, settling back in her bed. Abby grinned again, her heart bursting with love at her daughter's understanding.

The teasing in Clarke's face subsided and her expression grew serious, "Try not to hurt her," she added genuinely, and Abby could read the guilt over Finn in her eyes.

"I'll do my best," she responded with a gravity she hoped was fitting before kissing Clarke on the forehead. "I'm going to go have lunch. Get some rest and I'll come back to check on you later," she added.

"Okay," Clarke affirmed and Abby squeezed her hand before releasing it, turning and exiting Medical.

* * *

Raven was already seated at one of the benches when Abby came into view. She tensed visibly when she saw her but Abby smiled at her, Raven sending a cautious smile back. As Abby turned to pick up some food Raven looked around to see if anyone had observed their exchange. The mess was an outside space surrounding the food storage sheds so while few people were eating some of the wider camp was in easy view. And yet as Raven looked around it did not seem like anyone was paying attention to her or the Chancellor.

Abby came over and put her tray beside Raven's and Raven instinctively moved over to give her more space.

She felt Abby's hand on her own and looked up to see her concerned stare.

"I'm done hiding," she stated softly, releasing Raven's hand to brush a stray hair from her face.

Raven felt the words more intensely than the touch, a reminder of how much they had both struggled to get here.

"Going to take some getting used to," Raven replied, shifting back.

"For both of us," Abby agreed before facing forward and beginning to eat.

Raven returned to her meal, Abby's proximity causing a comfortable high that kept a smile plastered to her face.

"How's Clarke?" she asked, carefully glancing beside her.

"Better," Abby responded, looking up briefly before returning to her meal, "She's bordering on stir-crazy though so I doubt I'll keep her there for more than another day."

Raven chuckled, " mother, like daughter," she teased.

Abby looked at her in mock-offence before acquiescing, "I really am a hypocrite aren't I?"

She was trying to joke but Raven could hear the sincerity in her voice, she edged closer and put her hand on Abby's thigh, "You're not a hypocrite, you're a good mother," she assured her, "Clarke is lucky to have you."

Abby nodded half-heartedly and turned back to her food. Raven pulled her hand away and returned to her meal, wondering what she could do to heal the rift between the Griffin women. Clarke blamed herself for too many deaths, from Finn to those on Mount Weather, while Abby blamed herself for not being able to protect her.

Raven was so lost in thought that she did not see Kane until he sat opposite.

"Afternoon Abby," he greeted, "Raven," he added nodding to her before looking back at Abby with an almost knowing smile.

"Shut up Marcus," Abby replied, a teasing tone to her voice and a smile on her face.

Raven looked at Abby quizzically before glancing at Kane and back to Abby.

"Just happy to see things are working out," he remarked honestly and it clicked in Raven's head - he knew.

Abby looked at Raven sheepishly before turning back to Kane, "It is," she acknowledged as she brushed the top of Raven's hand with her own, squeezing briefly before releasing it again.

"And here I thought you two were a thing," Raven commented, trying to move the attention away from her and wishing she had not finished her meal.

Kane laughed, "Not for lack of trying on my part," he replied casually, "But Abby had someone else on her mind."

"Thank you Marcus," Abby replied, her voice hard as she shot him a look, eyes dancing despite the overtone of annoyance.

Kane put up his hands in mock-surrender, "As you wish," he acquiesced, getting up from the bench, "Good afternoon ladies," he added before smiling and turning into the main part of the camp.

"So Kane knows," Raven labelled the obvious, self-conscious.

"I spent a lot of time with him after you left - he... figured it out," she replied, putting her utensils down on her empty plate.

She looked over but Raven could not look up. A pit of worry had found it's way into the centre of her high - worry that she was not good enough, that this could never be real. The fact that Kane knew somehow made it more tangible and Raven worried that one wrong move would break this thing that made her so happy.

"What is it?" Abby asked, moving one leg to the other side of the bench so she was straddling it and facing Raven.

"I don't want to hurt you," Raven blurted out, unable to meet Abby's eyes.

Abby leaned forward, her breath ghosting Raven's ear.

"You may, and I might hurt you, but I will no longer deny what I feel about you," she affirmed, taking Raven's hand in both of hers.

Raven could feel her breath catch as Abby's words filled her heart with light. Abby backed away, releasing her hand, and Raven turned to meet her eyes. Abby's eyebrows were raised with expected confirmation and Raven nodded at the implicit question held within.

"Good," Abby replied standing and grabbing her tray, "I have to check in with Sinclair and will probably be busy for a few hours. Dinner tonight at mine?" she asked.

"Why Dr Griffin," Raven drawled, "You asking me on a date?" she teased.

Abby smiled, "Well it won't be much of one as I can't cook but yes," she affirmed.

"Then I accept," Raven replied, her stomach somersaulting, "Pick me up in engineering when you're ready."

"See you then," Abby replied, squeezing Raven's shoulder as she left to return her tray.

* * *

What Raven had forgotten was that Wick might be in engineering. She saw his tall form as she entered and froze in the doorway. She was considering leaving but she knew she would have to face him sometime so she took another step in.

Wick turned as she entered, "Ah, the Prodigal returns," he announced to an empty room, glancing up at her for a moment before turning back to the project before him, "So you and Abby huh?" he asked without looking back.

Raven froze for a moment, wondering if she would ever get used to people knowing.

"Wick I'm sorry," she replied.

Wick turned, the piece he was working on in his hand, "Don't be, she's hot," he teasingly acknowledged, glancing up to meet Raven's eyes.

Raven couldn't stop the wry smile on her face, "Not for that, for the way I left things with you."

"Yep, that was pretty rude of you - coming in to fuck the life out me and then leaving without a word," he joked before looking at her seriously, "It wasn't my shining moment either Raven, I should have stopped you, I didn't," he acknowledged.

Raven nodded, "Well I'm sorry anyway."

"Thanks," Wick replied.

Raven looked down at the piece Wick was holding, "Is that a reverse flux capacitor?"

They fell back into the easy rhythm of their mechanical/engineering rivalry as Wick brought Raven up to speed with the various projects on the grounded Ark. Time passed more quickly and easily than Raven had expected and soon she heard a knock at the doorframe. She turned to see Abby leaning with her back against the doorframe, one hand in the back pocket of her jeans, and was struck by sight of her. She was wearing the clothes she always wore but Raven had never acknowledged how breathtakingly beautiful she was until this moment and the realisation left her breathless.

"Hi Kyle," Abby greeted before looking at Raven, “You ready?” she asked.

"Your carriage awaits," Wick teased, turning to Raven as she finished up the alterations on the piece in front of her and handed it over to Wick.

"See you tomorrow Wick," she offered as she left, Abby falling into step beside her.

"So how was your Chancellor-ing?" Raven asked, trying to take her mind off the fact that this was a date and remember that it was Abby.

Abby chuckled, "Better than most days," she replied, as she walked down the hall of the Ark and to her bunk.

She started to catch Raven up on what had been happening since she had been away. Some of it Raven knew from Wick but even then it was good to hear it from Abby, the monologue starting to take the edge off the nervousness Raven was feeling.

* * *

Abby paused at her bunk, opening the door before escorting Raven within.

Her bunk was not large but she had rearranged some of the furniture and pulled out her small table so that it would sit both of them.

"I stole a chair from Medical," she commented, more to have something to say as Raven looked around.

On the table was an arrangement of fruits, nuts and some carrot-like root vegetable they had found a couple of months ago and were currently trying to cultivate.

"I figured we had a late lunch so you wouldn't be too hungry," Abby pointed out.

"You're right," Raven replied as she went to sit down.

"Water or moonshine?" Abby asked as she went over to the nightstand which held two cups.

"Uhh... moonshine," Raven answered with emphasis.

"That sure huh?" Abby joked.

"That nervous yes," Raven admitted.

Abby chuckled, looking up without a word before pouring moonshine for them both and bringing the cups over.

She sat down opposite Raven and raised her cup, "To new beginnings," she toasted.

Raven picked up her cup and tapped Abby's, "New beginnings," she affirmed.

Abby took a large sip of her drink before putting it down and serving herself some of the food, Raven following suit.

"So, what were you working on with Wick today?" Abby asked by way of conversation as they passed the dishes between them.

Abby listened as Raven explained what she had been working on and how it fit into a larger project, noticing that Raven carefully avoided losing her to technobabble. They talked about ways of making the camp more efficient and improving food collection and eventually Abby asked about Raven's time in the wilderness.

As they chatted and laughed together Abby's nervousness dissipated and a comfortable warmth settled in her stomach. It was easy, being here like this.

They had long finished the food and moonshine and were on to water when Raven yawned expansively. "I should probably go," she offered, making to stand.

Abby nodded and stood as Raven stacked her dishes together and stood, picking them up. "Where should I put these?" she asked.

"Leave them to me," Abby instructed, taking the dishes from Raven's hands and putting them back on the table before taking Raven's hands in her own.

She heard Raven's breath hitch and could feel it in her own fingertips, the electricity she had fought so long to ignore. Things had been clearer with the table between them but now her desire was blurring what she 'should' do with what she wanted.

"Tonight was nice," Abby forced out softly, her thumbs rubbing the tops of Raven's hands as she glanced up to see Raven's eyes, tracking her face, her teeth worrying her bottom lip.

"Yea," Raven replied distractedly, and Abby could see her eyes settle on Abby's lips.

Abby's felt her breathing go shallow as Raven leaned forward slowly. She leaned in to meet Raven's lips, the touch of them heating her body as all thoughts of what she 'should' do were incinerated. Their tongues met, duelled and explored as she released Raven's hands and found her body, easing up the fabric of her shirt to the soft skin underneath. She splayed her fingers along the muscles of her stomach before tracing a line along her hips and to her back, sliding her hands up her back until she met the tie of her bra. She broke the kiss to look Raven in the eye as her fingers drew invisible lines around the strap on her back.

Raven nodded but she swallowed visibly and Abby could see something holding her back.

She moved one hand to Raven's hip while the other cupped her face as she leaned in to the opposite ear, "Raven," she whispered, "What is it honey?"

Raven's fingers, previously tangled in Abby's hair, fell to her neck as Abby felt the younger woman pull their bodies together tightly.

"I don't want this to ruin us," Raven gasped, burying her face in Abby's neck.

Abby's fingers ran through Raven's hair, "Because of what happened with Wick?" she asked.

She felt Raven nod.

"Because that is how you cope?" Abby prompted softer, trying not to hurt Raven more than she had already hurt herself.

Raven pulled away and looked at Abby, nodding again.

"What are you trying to cope with now?" she asked, flicking her gaze between Raven's eyes. She saw it when it happened, the realisation, and Raven's shoulders eased visibly as she shook her head.

"The fact I want you so damn much," she responded breathily, a smile spreading across her face.

Abby felt herself smile in parallel as she felt Raven's words echo to the growing damp between her thighs.

"We don't have to," Abby replied, "but the feeling is mutual," she added with a wry smile.

She felt Raven's hands return to her neck as she was pulled in for another kiss, shocked by how quickly she had become intoxicated by the taste of those lips.

Yet, just as quickly as they arrived they were gone, and she felt them on her neck, pulling at the collar of her shirt to taste her collarbone as Raven's hands found the bottom of her shirt.

Abby backed them up to the bed, pulling away from Raven as she sat. Raven stood before her, pulling her shirt off with one motion before straddling Abby's lap.

Abby found herself staring at the expanse of skin before lips claimed hers again. Her hands found the ties to Raven's bra as Raven eased Abby's shirt up, breaking the kiss to discard it beside them. Before she could yank Raven's bra free she felt herself pushed back on the bed as Raven's lips kissed and licked a path across her stomach, edging her belly button and down to her hip bones, the moan escaping of its own accord as her eyes fell shut.

Raven's lips returned to her ear, "Undo your bra," she instructed hungrily.

Abby opened her eyes to see Raven kneeling above her, the want in her eyes making Abby's breath catch as she bit her lower lip and crooked her arms to comply.

"Bad planning on your part eh?" she responded teasingly and Raven smiled.

"It's going to be like that is it?" Raven asked as she returned to Abby's hip, undoing her jeans and sliding them down just enough that she could taste the skin just above her undies.

Raven's tongue so close but so far from where Abby really wanted it was definitely apt punishment and she writhed with need, biting her lower lip harder to try to gain some control back.

"I believe that's my job," Raven said as she returned to Abby's mouth, sucking on her lower lip and then giving it a bite.

Abby had finally worked her bra free and lie back to the bed as Raven pulled the fabric aside and teased the left nipple with her tongue before moving to the right, sucking and licking and nipping between them until Abby thought she would come right then. She felt Raven's weight shift off the bed before her pants were eased off her hips, Raven pulling them to the floor as her hands ran up Abby's thighs. Abby pulled herself more onto the bed and Raven climbed back on, running abstract patterns between her thigh and her knee, easing inward and higher until Abby could feel the press of them against her very wet underwear.

"Oh God Raven," Abby breathed.

"I don't usually answer to God but if you insist," Raven replied, lying beside Abby, her hands wandering across Abby's body as they inched lower and lower, pulling gently at Abby's underwear and adding it to the pile of discarded clothes on the floor.

Abby felt the cool air between her thighs and groaned again, the air quickly replaced by Raven's fingers as she felt them press against her.

"Oh Abby," Raven groaned softly as she began to stroke between her thighs.

Abby felt her need skyrocket and grabbed Raven's wrist, easing the younger woman's fingers inside her. Her hips bucked as Raven found a rhythm, pushing Raven's fingers in and out, deeper inside her. She felt Raven's weight shift as the angle of her fingers changed, regaining the rhythm moments before she felt Raven't tongue wrap around her clit. Abby grabbed for pillows to muffle the cries she could feel more than hear as her body went rigid, the orgasm coming in waves of light that blocked out conscious thought.

When she came to she was still muttering expletives into the pillow, Raven's fingers ghosting her stomach.

She removed the pillow from her face to see Raven's smug smile, "I take it that was not bad for a first timer?" Raven commented.

Abby bashed her in the side of the head with the pillow, and she fell to the bed, still smiling as Abby flipped over and straddled Raven's knees.

"How do you still have some of your clothes on?" Abby remarked, gesturing to Raven's pants.

Raven raised an eyebrow, "I might have had you otherwise engaged," she commented.

"Shall we fix that?" Abby replied before leaning in to kiss Raven again, her hands wandering to the brace on her left knee.

* * *

Raven felt Abby's hands reach her brace and broke the kiss, "I can do it," she stated more than offered as she tried to get to her brace.

"I'm sure you can," Abby replied, "But you are going to stay there," Abby indicated pointedly, "And let me do it."

Raven watched Abby, putting her hands under her as the compulsion niggled at her. She did not know why the brace was still making her feel to self-conscious, in front of Abby of all people, but she could not help the discomfort caused by the attention she was giving to it.

And yet, as Abby undid the latches slowly, taking care not to pinch Raven's skin in the process, Raven's heart swelled. She looked down at Abby and saw through the haze of her own desire to see her truly for the first time and the tenderness she saw hit her like a physical blow.

She watched as Abby finished unlatching the brace, putting it aside carefully before kissing Raven's knee through the fabric and looking up at her again.

Abby's smile fell as soon as she met Raven's eyes.

She cocked her head, "what is it?" she asked, concern furrowed across her face.

"I..." Raven began before shaking her head. She did not know how to explain how the simple act had touched her. "Thank you," she finally stated, knowing it was not enough. Abby nodded, her face brightening as she seemed to read the depth of those words from Raven's eyes.

"You're welcome," Abby answered simply before coming up beside Raven and brushing her fingers above Raven's eye and down her cheek before cupping her jaw and drawing her into a kiss.

The kiss was different somehow, slower and sensual, lacking the urgency and raw need of earlier and they lie there for a moment just tasting each other, fingers intertwining as they pulled each other closer.

Raven could feel Abby's body next to hers, skin on skin where it was not obstructed by her clothing. She released Abby's hand, pulling her own bra away and her pants down so she could feel her warm skin press against as many surfaces as possible. She felt the need building in her again, blossoming from her desire to be as close to Abby as possible, she wanted their bodies to merge within the same skin and it ached within her that this was a physical impossibility.

Raven felt Abby's hands as they began to wander across her body, trailing back and forth from her collarbone to the inside of her arm, breaking their kiss and licking the inside of her elbow, the simple act making her body twitch and squirm. Raven watched a smile break out across Abby's face as she straddled Raven's hips, leaning over Raven's other arm and practicing the same ministrations. As she sucked on the underside of Raven's other elbow her fingers danced to her wrist and splayed out to her fingers. Abby's lips followed her fingers, sucking briefly on her wrist before drawing fingers into her mouth one by one, her tongue circling the tips as she pulled them out again.

Raven tried to steady her breathing but she could not stop the way her hips were moving and the fact Abby had them pinned beneath her just made every movement an ever more sweet agony.

Abby released Raven's hand and turned to her, her hair falling across her face in a disheveled mess that Raven found only emphasised how incredibly sexy she looked straddling her naked.

"You're going to catch flies in that mouth," Abby uttered huskily before clearing her throat and Raven shut the mouth she did not realise she had let fall open.

Regaining her sense Raven grabbed Abby's neck and pulled her lips into a crushing kiss, "I want you inside me," she declared, lips pressed against lips before Abby's tongue gained entrance, filling her mouth with a heat that resonated throughout her body before coalescing between her thighs.

They maintained the kiss as Abby separated their bodies, splaying her hands across Raven's stomach before scratching fine lines ever lower as Raven tried to minimise her body's reaction to Abby's infuriatingly slow pace.

She felt Abby's weight shift and the kiss was broken as Abby pulled Raven's underwear down before sitting between her legs, nipping at the inside of one thigh and then the other.

Raven groaned in frustration, biting her lip as Abby went closer and then further from her need, Abby's breath teasing in a way Raven doubted was intentional.

She was sure she would be tasting her own blood before Abby touched her but even as she had the thought she felt two fingers slide within her. She released the death-bite on her lip as her eyes fell closed. She rode Abby's fingers deeper inside of her, Abby adding a third as Raven felt the pure pleasure building within her with an intensity she had not thought possible. Her thoughts went white as the orgasm shot through her, her body tensing for what seemed like ages before it fell to the bed sweaty and spent.

She felt Abby shift on the bed before moving to lie next to her.

"Wow," she uttered, breathing still coming in ragged gasps.

She heard Abby's clear laugh next to her ear before she felt the kiss on her lips. She opened her eyes to see Abby snuggled next to her, her hand resting on Raven's ribs, looking up at her with a slightly pensive smile.

"What is it?" Raven asked softly, trying to read Abby's expression as she interlinked her hand with the one on her chest.

"I was just thinking," Abby replied as she propped herself up, disconnecting their fingers. She ran her now-free hand through the hair edging Raven's face, "I always knew there was something special about you but I had no idea how important you would be to me."

She met Abby's eyes and felt the depth of meaning held there as a physical blow to the chest.

"You do realise that you've just blown my mind and I've no coherent thought to respond to that right?" Raven quipped.

Abby laughed again and the sound filled her with light. She watched Abby lie back down, curled up beside her, and smiled. It did indeed seem too good to be true, so far from that first moment they spoke about the vents on the Ark, but here they were. She knew that the future would be far from easy but she also knew that they had both come too far to give up.

* * *
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