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10 fics that left a lasting impression

So it's been ages since I've been anywhere but vaguely lurking on LJ but I was tagged on facebook to do a book version of this and I kept thinking of fic to add to the list - but really the fic needs it's own list..

So without further ado - fics that left a lasting impression on me (in no specific order):

1) The Xena femslash fic I read when I was 15 (1998) which gave me the first inkling that I might just be gay...

2) Alien: Odyssey (Alien Resurrection - Ripley/Call) - - I read it again 6 or so years later and it is still awesome.

3) Primary by seven_3_oh (Legend of the Seeker - Cara/Kahlan) -

4) Mrs and Mrs Mord'sith by trancer (Legend of the Seeker - Cara/Kahlan) - mrs and mrs mordsith

5) Trafalgar and Boone Series by Geonn / geonncannon (original fic) - (I feel like there is an earlier fic that made me a general fan but I can't remember it)

6) There is a Janeway/Seven AU fic where it's a teacher/student relationship that I was utterly addicted to around the time I found BSG (so mid-season 1 of BSG - 2003?) but I can't find it... It was hot...

7) The Girl who would be Queen by
starbuck1980 (Once Upon a Time - Emma/Regina)  - (Yes this is written by my wife but it's amazing. And yes I feel like I should use the LJ link but came up when I googled)

8) I feel like there is a (projectjulie now) projectcyborg fic that made me a fan of hers but I can't remember it.. but her non-fic fandom stuff on Voyager got me into BSG fandom which changed my life so she gets a place just for making a lasting impression.

frogfrizz - again, I can't remember my favorite fic but her imagery is always amazing (also my first beta so honorary fic spot for that).

10) Eye for an Eye by
starbuck1980 (BSG - Cain/Gina) - - purely because commenting on it changed my life/introduced me to my wife!

Special mention to pocketwitch - I still remember never really liking Laura/Kara until she wrote them... and Louise (on tamoline's account) whose fic Hot Coffee (Game of Thrones - Sansa/Daenerys) I am utterly addicted to right now -(

Of course if I thought about it a bit more this could be a much longer list... If you care to write your own list link me as I'm curious!
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